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12 Jul

Giving Back In Recovery

Sun still shining in Burnham on Sea! Beach glorious, clients planning a barbecue tomorrow and generally enjoying the summer. Sounds idyllic right? Well there is no catch.

There is often a misconception that being in rehabilitation for substance misuse is a gruelling tough experience with few highs and lots of lows. Well at Somewhere House, whilst it is a challenging treatment journey, this is counter balanced with learning the importance of laughter, staying in the present, gratitude and giving back. As we always say to our clients, getting into recovery should be a positive happy experience, not a stressful chore with no fun!

One of the ways our clients give back is through voluntary work. This is considered a key part of the therapeutic programme and clients who are mid way through their treatment can go and volunteer one day a week. This helps the individual reintergrate with society, have some time for self away from treatment and most importantly, give back to others. Help another to help self.

Some of the voluntary options available for our clients include working with animals, equine therapy, helping people with brain injuries, local charity shops and care homes. A person centred programme means we are flexible to meet the individual needs of our clients. This is no different with regards to voluntary work.

We've been ringing around the voluntary providers today and the feedback has been excellent.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and hope the sun shines for you

The team x