Our Approach to Addiction Treatment Services

We provide treatment and support for individuals who wish to make changes to their lives

Our Regulator

Somewhere House is a residential rehabilitation centre for those seeking help with their addiction. We are monitored by the CQC for quality of care. We provide treatment and support for individuals who wish to make changes to their lives. We treat drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, porn addiction, gaming addiction and eating disorders. 

The organisation have both internal and external monitoring systems, externally monitored by the CQC; we are currently rated as good in the new system.

How we work

Through intensive group therapy, one to one counselling sessions, recovery studies and also lots of fun group activities which help to re establish structure, routine and self belief. Our team specialises in clients with additional complexities e.g mental health, eating disorders and abuse of all forms and all have extensive training in trauma work, process and CBT. If you are looking for long term tools to help you stop drinking alcohol, we can help. We work with a holistic approach meaning we treat the whole person and because we are a small facility with a large staff to client ratio, can offer the highest levels of person centred care.


Every one who comes into Somewhere House Addiction Treatment Centre is given an admission care plan; all subsequent care plans are written by individuals, allowing them to construct a pathway of recovery that works for them and provides autonomy to the individual. The idea of a care plan is to set a measurable goal each month and work towards achieving them. For example a client might want to learn a life skill, e.g cooking, cleaning, education or managing money. Or a client might wish to explore a specific area that they need tools to learn to manage in the future, for example assertiveness, managing trauma, anger to name a few.  

Whilst in Treatment

We will support every individual to work towards their own recovery goals but are also aware of the importance of having someone there to listen and support them.
Our therapeutic programme is based upon total abstinence from all mood altering substances. Somewhere House is an addiction treatment centre which specialises in helping those with drug and alcohol addictions, gambling addiction and eating disorders to name a few. Treatment can be tough and looking at yourself can be emotional but at the same time extremely rewarding.

We work closely with the Community Mental Health Team and the team here are all qualified to support clients with their mental health problems.
Typical complex needs clients we have treated include those with Bi-Polar, Personality Disorders, Paranoid Schizophrenia for example. Please give one of the team a call on 01278 795 236 if you wish to discuss a potential client or yourself further. We consider all clients from all backgrounds with a non judgmental approach.
We also offer and encourage clients who struggle with numeracy and literacy the opportunity to attend the local college in order to address this. Whilst in treatment, clients can seek support from a mentor or member of staff and we have links with advocacy and interpreter services if required. We can work with clients through art, music, audio books or whatever works best for the individual to help them get the most from their treatment experience at Somewhere House.
We work in conjunction with local agencies to offer career advice in regard to education and employment. Supported Housing is an option on completion of treatment in our move on community. We have an open door policy for returning clients if they maintain abstinence and wish to attend group or one to one counselling. Please ask the team for more details by calling us on 01278 795236

What We Expect

Somewhere House Addiction Treatment Centre has an expectation that every person who chooses to reside at our premises is committing to take part in our programme. All clients are treated equally and expected to engage in the programme as this has been proven to give results. We expect all clients to be respectful to themselves and others at all times and maintain the boundaries set out at the treatment facility. Opportunities will be made for the person to explore both past and present experiences and how these have influenced their current lifestyle and how best they feel they need to change to move on to a more fulfilled life. This is done through intensive group therapy and one to one counselling. Supporting this is recovery studies work. All parts of a clients treatment are individual to reflect the fact that all people are different and have differing needs.

Support for Family & Friends

The reality of addiction is that families can be damaged and hurt through ripple effects and as an organisation, we encourage and facilitate space and support to help rebuild family relationships. For example, a family member with an alcohol addiction or a loved one who needs support with their cannabis addiction can seem like a daunting prospect. We offer Family Therapy to support this, which is included in our price and available to everyone. We also run a monthly family support group at the end of every month here at Somewhere House. All are welcome, just express how you would like it to work.

Referral Process

We take referrals from local authority and also private clients. If you are a private funded client, or your health insurance is paying for your treatment, then we can tailor make a treatment package specifically to your needs.

The Philosophy

Our belief is that everyone has the right to change and develop; we believe this is possible in the right environment and with the right support.

Our Staff

All staff are trained to the highest of standards and encouraged to extend their existing good practice methods with further training. All our addictions workers are registered with the BACP (or equiavelent). A well supported team allows us to provide the highest levels of care and this is reflected in both our outcomes and also our most recent CQC inspection report.
We also have internal supervision, external supervision, staff meetings, debriefing and reviews by staff and clients.