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15 Jul

Recovery Care Plans

Hi Everyone,

Once a month at Somewhere House we have a care plan group where clients write their own individual recovery based care plans for the forthcoming months. These are reviewed throughout the month in a group and also 121 setting and very much focus on allowing the individual client to take responsibility for their recovery and what they need to work on to further strengthen it.

Person centred treatment looks at the whole person as an individual and that is no different when looking at care plans, everyone is different. What we like though is the self empowerment in this process, clients write their care plans and are responsible for making sure they are realistic, rather than them simply being set/written for them.

Care plan reviews take place to further support the successful outcome of the contents of the care plan and offer guidance if struggling to meet the goals set. This is done in both a group therapy and one to one counselling arena.

Care plans are a great tool in recovery and can create a sense of calm, as well as one of achievement at the end of it and all this adds up to raising self esteem and giving a realistic visual to the client that they are changing.

For more information about this and other therapeutic tools we work with at Somewhere House please visit our website or call one of the friendly team on 01278 795236