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18 Jul

Transition Programme at Somewhere House

Hello all,

Just a quick update on goings on at Somewhere House. We are busy with admissions and assessments, new clients settling nicely and embracing the process of change and putting n hard work to build a stable recovery.

Clients nearing the end of their treatment can make the most of our transition programme, which allows clients to continue their treatment daily at Somewhere House, whilst spending their evenings in one of our supported move on houses. This allows the client to have a little bit more freedom and independence, a chance to put into action the tools they have learnt here, whilst still receiving the full support of the residential treatment centre here at Somewhere House.

Transition proves highly successful as the name suggests, it is a transitionary stage just before a client returns back to their local area or progresses through to our move on community.

This process which we have devised and created has received praise from funders and clients. If you're a new provider and would like more details about the rehabilitation & move on programme we offer, then please call one of our friendly team on 01278 795 236 or send us an enquiry via the website.

The team x