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29 Nov

The Last Friday Of The Month

Today was a busy day - every day is busy but the last Friday of the month always seems that little bit more so.

Team meeting takes place today, this is where the whole staff team for Somewhere House converges and meets here at HQ and discusses operational matters, ideas, concerns and strategic plans on how we can further improve the treatment programme at Somewhere House.

Joining us today is Jane and Gareth who work for SASP (Somerset Activity Sports Partnership) and they are going to present to us about the work they do, supporting clients in recovery to pursue healthy exercise which is a key part of someone's recovery journey. Being able to do this in a safe supported environment is what SASP bring to the table and we are very much looking forward to welcoming them.

Immediately following team meeting, one of our staff takes the group out for coffee and ice cream. We trudge along the beach (yes we have a beach really close) and to the pier. Clients love this, it's nice to reward them for a hard weeks work and to change the subject. Whilst this is going on, the clinical staff will have group supervision. The focus of this is where the addictions workers can share ideas, seek support for different ways of working with their client set with the express goal being to improve the care of clients and remain dynamic in their working practices.

There's also an AGM for a local charity taking place at lunchtime today, which some of the staff are attending and giving back to our local community in the process. The staff are lucky here in that the owners of the company support us to get involved with the local community and 'do our bit' in the process.

Getting the gist about the kind of day it's going to be?

Lots going on but all healthy and with client care at the forefront

Happy Friday

The team x