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6 Jan

New year, old behaviours?

As a new member of staff here at Somewhere house, I was apprehensive to begin a new therapeutic post at this time of year. I needn't of worried! Although the holidays can be a difficult time in recovery, all of the clients were hopeful and optimistic for the future. Clients expressed proudly their achievement in getting through the festive season sober for the first time in many years. The tree was dressed and the house was very festive, far from avoiding this time of year Somewhere House embraced the 'normality' of celebrations free from substances. As we move into a New Year and a 'new normal'  I am excited to work in this supportive and caring environment, although rehab is challenging and uncomfortable at times, the personal growth that can be achieved if you're willing to explore those dark corners, put down the load and really see yourself, are no less than life-changing! Off comes the elf hat, on goes the counsellor cap - lets do this!