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2 Oct

Keeping Safe in Covid-19

Somewhere House Addiction Treatment Centre has remained open throughout the pandemic. Clients with substance misuse problems can still seek treatment for their addiction in our treatment centre. With infection rates currently high around the world, we thought we'd let you know what we're doing to continue to keep our clients safe. We have a raft of safety and infection control measures in place, including rapid on-site testing, regular deep cleaning of the house, hand sanitizer in every room and are running educational groups around the importance of regular hand washing and personal care. If clients do have to leave the treatment centre, they do so with a mask on. Visits are currently prohibited and clients are unable to visit shops. We are doing this purely to minimise risk and to be fair, the clients have all taken this in good humour and with an understanding of the reasons why. We do regular family video calls which are proving popular. Fortunately, we also have a beautifu sandyl beach just 400m away from the treatment centre, so come rain or shine clients are enjoying that and a gym has even been built on site. All clients are tested before they admit for treatment, staff and clients are also regularly tested through the government's mass care home testing programme. 

If you'd like to know more about our service, please call us on 01278 795236 or you can submit your referral online via the home page of the website