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20 Jul

Making Changes...

You (hopefully) have noticed that we have completely redesigned our website and given it a fresh new look. This is why there has been a temporary pause on our blogs but now we are back! At Somewhere House Addiction treatment centre, we like to keep things moving and innovative and in doing so, allow our clients to make changes to their lives - something that we have all had to do ourselves during the Covid pandemic. Our programme of group therapy, one to one counselling and recovery studies work has continued unabated, with new ideas being bought to groups weekly by both clients and our staff team. We are still assessing and admitting people to the service too. So we figured that we could make finding out about our service easier and simpler and so in line with change, a healthy tool in recovery - here is 2.0!  We hope you like it.

If you want to refer yourself, a family member or a client for treatment, you can now do this online via our secure referral form. Making life easier for you and this is available for you to do a time to suit, not just during office hours. You can of course still pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly team on 01278 795236