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26 Jul

The last Friday of July...

The last Friday of the month at Somewhere House is always a very busy day. For the staff they have a monthly team meeting which looks at the operational running of the organisation, how things are going and anything that might need improving. It's also a great forum to take stock of everything that we have achieved in the preceding month.

Following this, the staff have group supervision. Sharing best practices, discussing clients and best practice to help them along in their recovery process.

For the clients, the non clinical staff take the clients along the beach for an ice cream. It's a nice way to unwind, socialise and do something different and has unsurprisingly proved very popular with the clients...and staff too!

Group this afternoon was relapse prevention focused and clients worked on their tool boxes.

Currently Somewhere House is full and the clients we have here are working really hard.

Wishing you a lovely weekend

The Team x