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13 Sep

Combatting Shame.

Stigma and shame can be uncomfortable subjects to explore and feel. Often clients experience stigma and shame about their addictions as well as all the behaviours, consequences and relationships issues that can come along with this.

Today we had a group on shame, together we explored what shame is, as well as how this manifests for each of us today. One of the ways this can be identified is through isolation and not wanting to share. Many people who feel shame do not want to open up due to fear of being judged, or saying something they might regret. One of the ways we believe this can be changed is by pushing past the negative thoughts and beliefs and opening up in spite of ones own judgement. Going against the grain, breaking out of the comfort zone and talking is one certain way to combat shame.

Often when people open up, they realise it is not as scary as they once believed it to be.