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18 Sep

Today at Somewhere House

Today we have had a group using stones with different powerful words on them, such as ‘Hope’, ‘Death’, ‘Persecutor’, ‘Peace’, ‘Loss’, ‘Care’. These words can be very emotive and clients are encouraged to reflect on what comes up for them.

As a facilitator things come up for me too. We can all relate; there are some things in life that are a part of the human experience and journey. We all know what these words mean; however through our different experiences in life we each have our own memories, which we can learn from and explore.

These stones are a great way to open a group and start everyone talking. It can be hard to know what to bring, especially if a person is anxious about speaking out in group, this allows for each person to share something about themselves and their memories. This helps everyone connect and see what we all share despite coming from very different places.