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1 Nov

My First Week

So, I'm Karl, the newest member to the team at Somewhere House. This is the end of my first week here and I have to say that I honestly did not realise the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to help deliver drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

From the many things such as making an initial assessment to make sure potential clients are suitable to come and reside at Somewhere House for us to help them with their drug and alcohol addictions, trying to arrange the funding for them to be helped to logistics of how the client will get to the house to start their treatment, the list is endless, but all the hard work is worth every second when you see what kind of difference we can make to our clients lives.

One of the first things I noticed is that yes there are strict rules and regulations set in place to protect all the clients living in the house and sometimes we have to be hard but it is all done with love and I really do think the clients see this. All the clients mostly respond well to being challenged some not so good but that is to be expected but they still know that we do this for their benefit, to help them. The point I'm making is that I feel the clients do see it as a home and not just a rehabilitation centre and thats exactly what we try to achieve, our aim is to make sure the clients are as happy as can be and that it's their home for the duration of their treatment.

I have been welcomed warmly by not just the team but also by the clients themselves, they are all at different stages of their treatment but they are all very supportive of each other and have a very healthy respect for the Team.

All in all my first week has been hard but I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I know its going to be a challenge but I know I will get all the support I need form the Team.

Karl x