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8 Nov

Stories of success in the community

Just as the prime minister leaves hospital and is on the way to his recovery, it got us thinking about all of the success stories that exist for clients past and present at Somewhere House Addiction Treatment Centre.

Recovery from substance misuse is something that needs time, investment and following the lead of others, a bit like Boris Johnson and others who are recovering from Corona Virus. This is done through group and one to one therapy, recovery studies and peer mentoring.

Giving back to others is something that is also vital in building and sustaining recovery and why many of the staff team here, choose this as their profession.

Everywhere around us at Somewhere House, even in these challenging times, there is success - 14 clients residentially all succeeding every day they remain sober, 40 clients in the community, doing the same. We are very proud of them all. Then there's the many hundreds of former clients.

Happy Monday to you all, make the best of today as you can