Typical busy Monday after nice relaxing weekend for the clients. Balance is key in a therapeutic setting such as Somewhere House. After a busy week of group therapy and one to one counselling, it’s nice to unwind and do normal stuff that families do of a weekend, like go to the beach, read the paper, go to the cinema. Clients at Somewhere House have enjoyed lots of this over the weekend and are ready to start another week.

Our Move On Clients this week are no different, they learn how to self manage and find their own balance in recovery. This weeks move on group taking place today is going to be a bit different. Instead of all converging onto Somewhere House, each move on client is bringing a dish and we’re going to have a picnic on the beach, talk over care plans and generally spend some time together. This is something that we are trialling after feedback from our move on community around how can we further diversify and improve our service.

It’s set to be another busy week here, lets hope for some sunshine to go with it.

The Team x

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