Answers to some commonly asked questions:

What if I am a private client?

We offer an extensive treatment programme for our private clients. Because we are a small facility with a high staff to client ratio, we are able to offer the highest levels of care and support. Individual treatment plans can be put together based on Individual’s needs with weekly reviews on a one to one basis. Our weekly rates vary depending on length of stay, individual needs and will be discussed once a full assessment has been carried out.

We can recommend and arrange a detox unit placement if required. If you then would like collection from this service we can also facilitate this making the process seamless and comfortable.

Our assessment process can be carried out in person, by phone or via Facetime/Skype or Zoom. If attending in person, you are welcome to join us for lunch, attend group therapy, meet the team, clients and have a full tour of the facility.

In the first instance, check out our website for full details about what we offer. If you would like us to answer any other questions or to send you some information on our service, then please call 01278 795236 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist, or send us an enquiry via the website.  Do this by going to the home page, scrolling down to the section called ‘Pre Admission’ and complete the simple form.

How do I join Somewhere House?

Somewhere House offers an abstinence-based programme. Any referral for assessment is accepted from any organisation or individual. The client group is individuals from 18 through to 64; couples are not accepted. Those on long term mood altering medication are only accepted if these are prescribed by a medical team. Only one individual over the age of 65 is accepted at any one time.

The team prefers potential clients to telephone personally to book an assessment but they will speak to care managers or family members. All potential clients are offered the opportunity to visit, attend group therapy and have lunch with the clients. This gives potential clients insight into the premises, programme and current clients’ experiences. Where this is not possible telephone assessments can be arranged. We can also do assessments virtually via Facetime, Skype or Zoom

Providing all relevant information is given to the assessor, feedback will be given immediately along with a decision on whether a place can be offered at Somewhere House.

If you are a potential referrer, care manager or client, please do not hesitate to contact Somewhere House by phone, email, social media (facebook, twitter) or via the website. The team are willing to answer any questions you may have and arrange a visit if necessary. Telephone 01278 795 236 or email info@

What can I expect from my stay at Somewhere House?

On admission the client will be asked to go through the admissions procedure which consists of a contract and therapeutic agreement which they will need to sign. Once they have agreed to commit to the programme, a checklist of information (eg, fire drill, risk assessment, etc.) will be completed and the client be shown their room and given a tour if they haven’t previously visited.

They will be registered with a local G.P and dentist, and assisted with benefit forms (if required).

Each new client is assigned a ‘buddy’ to offer extra support in the first two weeks, or for as long as required, in addition to the support from the other group members and staff. The days at Somewhere House are structured to model normal family and working life and can be unusual at first. For example, group therapy mirrors work by preparation (clients to ensure they have all relevant files etc. when going into the group); attending (being on time, being engaged in the discussion) and ending (finishing on time).

Group therapy happens twice daily. Recovery Studies may be given in these sessions and a homework check will also take place weekly.

Therapeutic duties are part of our programme i.e. cleaning, washing up, laundry, cooking and gardening. These give the individual the opportunity to take responsibility for their home as well as working in a team/group setting. It can develop new skills and refresh old ones to encourage self-sufficiency on leaving. These are discussed and allocated in the weekly house meeting, which is managed by the clients and happens every Wednesday. In these groups, residents also discuss the weekend activities, visits, and menus for the week, repairs and any other house issues.

Somewhere House encourage the social side of treatment but also recognises that it is very easy to become distracted outside of the house so all socialising is encouraged with other group members. Leaving the house generally happens in small groups, but must be cleared by a staff member. Visits to licensed premises are discouraged and gambling is not allowed.

Is Somewhere House suited to you?

Anyone can benefit from our program providing they would like help with their addiction. The staff team are always willing to help individuals who are willing to help themselves and want to change. Somewhere House is comfortable, clean and supportive, showing respect for you as an individual by offering you the highest levels of care. Treatment at Somewhere House can be tough and challenging but also rewarding and there are many success stories still within our local community.

What can the client expect?

Somewhere House is a person-centered programme, the staff have extensive experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which can unblock the damaging patterns established over many years by examining the links between an individuals thinking and behaviour . The therapy side allows the individual to explore other options and solutions to the challenges. ‘Life choices’ is another option on offer as well as solution-focused therapy. We also provide a person centered and a 12-step approach; the client can make these choices (treatment matching) upon admission. Some of our staff have also trained in the integrative approach and have this model to draw from. Each resident will take part in creating their own monthly care plan. This allows the individual to monitor and set their own treatment goals; these are also reviewed regularly.

A resident has at least one individual session per week with their one-to-one counsellor and a recovery studies check in, other check ins are given when required by the team or the individual and are freely available. Group therapy takes place twice daily during the course of the week, where, we believe, the client has as much to offer the other clients as the staff. To this end we encourage each person to join in the discussion and offer constructive feedback and open identification. Everyone is expected to take part in all activities, unless prior permission has been given by a member of staff.

We ask that each resident attend a minimum of two AA or NA meetings a month in order to experience the 12-step support on offer in the community. We are also fortunate to have an NA meeting here on the premises once a month. This is supported by NA and most of our clients really appreciate the support that is on offer.

Every resident is expected to be responsible for the running of the house and daily duties are allocated at the weekly house meeting run by the clients. The general maintenance of the property is regularly checked by residents and staff, all maintenance is carried out as soon as possible.

The opportunity to cook, paint, draw and develop hobbies is encouraged. All move on clients mentor in house clients and take them out regularly, e.g to the beach (which is 300m from the centre), to the cinema, fishing or out for a meal and is an opportunity to unwind and relax. This provides a safe place outside of the treatment centre to relate to each others experiences and help one another.

Many families have been affected by the destructive path addiction can take, so we will always take this into consideration when setting up family counselling, meetings and visits. Somewhere House recognises the value of strong family ties and will offer support to the family where it is deemed appropriate. Family visits are encouraged and can be planned via a member of staff. We also have a family support group once a month on a Sunday to suit when families visit. To find out when this is taking place please contact the office.

How long does the programme last?

Our programme is designed to take into consideration the individuals circumstances with the maximum stay being six months. This allows flexibility for the resident and recognises that everyone is an individual and should be treated so. We have an expectation of a minimum of three months, when treatment is reviewed; recognising that further time is generally required after a life time of addiction. However if private clients require a shorter duration of treatment, this can be discussed on an individual basis.  Please contact the office for details.

On leaving we offer face-to-face, email, virtual and telephone support, as appropriate. An aftercare package can be negotiated and there is a competitive one off cost for this including housing in one of our supported move on houses. Our committment is to helping people stay in recovery, we do our best to do this by being available by phone 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and having an open door policy for those who would like to utilise this.

What is our move on programme?

We currently have 20 supported bed spaces to enable further support in the community. Individuals are allowed to live independently, making a contribution to society, while being supported by the Somewhere House staff team. Some of the tenants only require minimal support where others may need more. Once again this follows the theme of setting the needs according to the individual. We have two new additions to the team in regards to support, we have a specific support worker who is also in recovery from addiction and liaises for the team and the clients, this helps the team do the best for all parties. Alongside this someone who helps with the transition into voluntary work as well as paid work and work placements.

We will take external referrals for the move on housing programme which allows local individuals returning from rehabilitation to resettle in their local community, and those wishing to extend their support in this area. All individuals are assessed before entering the houses and abstinence is a must; an aftercare package has to be in place for this. Please contact us for more details on this.

What’s included in the after care package?

An after care package is available for each individual according to their needs. We offer one-to-one counselling both face to face and by telephone, group therapy and a dedicated weekly move on group. Plus we encourage our supported housing clients to mentor and give back to new in house clients. Alongside this we have 24 hour telephone support, email and letter contact which we encourage ex-residents to take advantage of as well as those in our move on houses.