This a piece of work that a client wrote upon successfully completing their rehabilitation treatment at Somewhere House:

“I knew I was off to Somewhere….in Somerset, for rehabilitation – what would I get?

The ‘process’ apparently, something I should trust. At times though, I thought I would quit or bust.

But I stuck with it through thick and thin and something happened deep within. 

Anger, resentments, self pity – they started to subside. I now feel much more contented inside. 

I’m choosing to change many thoughts in my mind, little D who got lost, I’m starting to find. 

So ‘thank you’ to all the staff and my peers, for putting up with tantrums, defensiveness, blame and my tears. 

Equipped with a new tool box, to face fun, sadness and strife. I’m leaving with a positive, fresh outlook on life..”

Written by a client who recently completed their treatment and is doing really well back in the local community.

The team x

I have come to my last day at placement with Somewhere House, I have only had a short placement here of 5 weeks; however, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned anything such a short amount of time.

During my time here, I have been able to learn about myself which can include a resentment and why I might be carrying this resentment. Even though this has only been through participating in group sessions and not completing recovery studies. It really is an eye opening way to be able to learn about why someone might show the addictive behaviours they might be exhibiting. Even so, this has been an eye opening way for me to learn about how to explore someone’s mental health. This is a tool in which I will benefit from for the rest of my career, as an adult nurse (hopefully). I have really been able to learn that addiction is more than just the substances the individual is indulging in but there is a lot behind the individual and something they might be hiding through using the substances.

Somewhere House has also taught me that addiction is not what I thought it was, and the individual is not their addiction but their addiction has just got the best of them. Coming to Somewhere house has helped me to realise that there is a stigma behind addiction- whether it’s drug or alcohol use and this is something in which I want to be able to combat during my time working as a nurse- especially whilst working in A&E and prison placements, where I am most likely going to be encountering individuals who are living with an addiction.

Addiction is something I used to be scared of, due to personal experiences and I chose this placement as a way to overcome this. I have been able to learn about the clients here and hear their stories that have resulted in the lifestyle choices they have chosen and the path they have gone down. Through this, I have been able to gain a different perspective on addiction and the individuals; hearing some of their rock bottoms helped me to see them as more than someone with an addiction but they are individuals who just got taken the wrong way in life, some way or another.

Thanks to Somewhere House, I have been able to better myself as an individual and become more open minded, empathetic and enthusiastic to help people. I have also been able to see the help and support needed to help these individuals and I have nothing but respect for the staff here who work tirelessly every day to help these individuals in their journey of recovery. I am more excited to start my university degree as a result and I now understand what I need to do to help the people who might be the most in need; I have a better understanding of mental health and I believe I am walking away from here a better person.

Thank you all.

Sinead Evans

Today at Somewhere House there has been a key focus on relationship building. This mornings therapeutic group was based on having an understanding of others and linking this with presentations and communication styles. Following on from this mornings group, clients are making a piece of art work in pairs and whilst focusing on the art, they have been encouraged to be aware of the dynamic that develops between the pairs, this enables the clients to explore boundaries, give and take, assertiveness and develop their communication skills.

Today at Somewhere House rehabilitation centre we introduced our very first LGBTQ therapeutic group assisting clients in being open and communicating around the concepts of gender and sexuality. Clients found this extremely beneficial and it enabled them to communicate and express their feelings around this topic.

We look forward to our next LGBTQ group running on a monthly basis.

Nice to see the clients supporting a new possible peer here today for an assessment. Such a delicate and important stage in a persons cycle of change and very encouraging to see the therapeutic value of connection, unity and support of a community.

It’s been another busy week for both the clients and the staff at Somewhere House Rehabilitation centre. With new clients joining us and lots of activities. Yesterday afternoon our clients went on their monthly beach clean. Not only is this a way of our clients giving back to the community it is also an activity that allows clients to group together and engage with a relationship building activity. Today our clients have been focusing on ego states within their therapeutic groups, looking specifically at Parent, Adult and Child ego states. Later this afternoon there will be tea and cakes whilst reading out gratitude notes around the table, allowing the clients to reflect on what they have to be grateful for this week.

I am currently attending placement at Somewhere house, as a student on behalf of Weston college. I am a second year Health and Social care student, about to go to university to start my degree as an Adult Nurse.

I have had many placements on behalf of the college ranging from working with Southmead hospital, general care homes and the YMCA. However, my placement with Somewhere house has been the most intriguing to me. Somewhere House has had an emphasis on mental health more so than any other health and social care setting that I have worked in. Everyday I attend, I see a constant encouragement on self care, empowerment of the service users and promoting the independence of the individual; but they are never shy to lend a helping hand when asked for. This is where the staff support the clients and they offer help and assistance when they might be having a bad day, or just need someone to talk to- this is something in which I think reflects well on their use of 1-2-1’s and group sessions, encouraging the individuals to speak about how their feeling to be able to promote the best recovery the individual can experience.

From the moment I walked in the house for an interview, I felt a warm environment from staff and residents of the house; everyone has been so welcoming and warm. There has been a different “hello” in every room, greeted by people who are genuinely intrigued by you as an individual. The level of support that I have seen between worker and client has been like none other, with genuine care about the client’s recovery, you can see the passion behind all of their work. They genuinely care about the individual’s recovery. Furthermore, there has been an encouragement within this house to ensure that client’s help each other in their journey, which is an amazing way to teach the individuals to not rely on services, after their time working with the home.

The rehabilitation of individual’s is also supported through the use of ‘homework’, which works as the individuals having a self reflection to becoming more open minded about their recovery. There are examples of the home going above and beyond during the recovery, which is where they offer therapies in order to promote recovery, which includes family therapies and art therapies. Art therapy has been shown as an effective way, especially within Somewhere house; this is where the individuals explore self expression through the use of art. In addition to the use of homework’s, art therapy helps the individuals to process their emotions and also be able to express them properly. Even though this is a simple technique, this is just one of the ways the home, for me, points towards positive care.

There is also the use of family therapy within the home, which can help if one of the reasons for addiction has been due to toxic relationships, or the addiction has caused a toxic relationship. Family therapy is something in which has been proved effective to help the clients of Somewhere house to be able to understand why there might be addiction problems, but can also help to resolve these problems. Yet again, this is another example of how the home helps to promote health and wellbeing within their service.

The support here is endless, one of the main aims of the organisation is to promote mental health and wellbeing. This is through simple activities such as offering evening walks along the beach and surrounding areas of the home, trips to the cinema at the weekend and individuals also have the opportunity to be able to choose whether or not they would like to join the gym. Working to improve the health and wellbeing of the individuals has been shown to be one of the most important things within the home and the clients are encouraged to attend these and participate with individuals who are also going through the same process.

During their time here, the clients also have to attend voluntary work. Which is something amazing because not only is this giving back to the community, but it is also helping the individuals slowly go back to a positive role within the community. Voluntary work within the home has also shown a positive change within the client’s here, where you can visibly see a more positive and happier individual; after beginning to attend voluntary work. This is something that I believe to be really positive for the individuals who are attending the home because it is showing the beginning of giving them back some responsibility.

Furthermore, what surprises me the most is the further support of health and wellbeing can be shown through staff helping to book doctors appointments- in order to help with medication, if needing weening off or any other health problems that may occur. Support with booking dentist appointments and to be able to manage these, so that individual’s don’t forget and feel supported during their time here. There is also support with the sorting of finances, with dedicated team members who have solid understanding of how benefits work and how best to support these individuals in terms of their finances and what they are entitled too. This is especially helpful as applying for Universal credits can sometimes be a tiring and confusing process.

Sinead Evans

June 2019

Happy weekend everyone.

So what happens at Somewhere House over the weekend? Well, clients have a chance to unwind after a long week much like happens in every day life. Our structured programme of rehabilitation, including group and one to one therapy models a working week, so at the weekends there’s a nice relaxed feel to the house.

Clients can go to the gym, church, out with their peers (in groups of 3) or on days like today, relax in the garden which is a bit of a sun trap!

Clients can also do art work, have a chance to catch up on their recovery studies and perhaps go to the cinema as a group of an evening.

Person centred treatment at Somewhere House is about balance, treating the whole individuals needs and allowing a growth to a stable and solid recovery foundation.

If you’d like to know more about our service please call one of the friendly team on 01278 795236

Hope the sun shines for you today!

The team x

Todays therapy groups at Somewhere House Rehabilitation Centre have been centred around relationship building. This morning clients went to the beach with staff and spent some time getting to know one another over ice-cream and coffees. This afternoon our clients are working in pairs sharing a minimum of three things about themselves that they have not already shared.

Some of our clients at Somewhere House Rehabilitation centre are busy volunteering today at our farm with all of our beautiful animals. The farm is not the only option for volunteering work many clients prefer to obtain a different skill set through volunteering, and others enjoy the therapeutic benefit of spending time in the beautiful nature with the animals.