Today we have had a group using stones with different powerful words on them, such as ‘Hope’, ‘Death’, ‘Persecutor’, ‘Peace’, ‘Loss’, ‘Care’. These words can be very emotive and clients are encouraged to reflect on what comes up for them.

As a facilitator things come up for me too. We can all relate; there are some things in life that are a part of the human experience and journey. We all know what these words mean; however through our different experiences in life we each have our own memories, which we can learn from and explore.

These stones are a great way to open a group and start everyone talking. It can be hard to know what to bring, especially if a person is anxious about speaking out in group, this allows for each person to share something about themselves and their memories. This helps everyone connect and see what we all share despite coming from very different places.

Today at Somewhere House we have a new admission arriving with us. Once clients first arrive, following the admission process they are given time to settle in with their peers and get to know the staff. It is a big re-adjustment when often the individuals have come from a life without boundaries nor having to take responsibility. At Somewhere House the programme is very much centred around clients developing the ability to put boundaries in place and take responsibility for themselves, this is supported through group therapy and one to one counselling sessions.

Stigma and shame can be uncomfortable subjects to explore and feel. Often clients experience stigma and shame about their addictions as well as all the behaviours, consequences and relationships issues that can come along with this.

Today we had a group on shame, together we explored what shame is, as well as how this manifests for each of us today. One of the ways this can be identified is through isolation and not wanting to share. Many people who feel shame do not want to open up due to fear of being judged, or saying something they might regret. One of the ways we believe this can be changed is by pushing past the negative thoughts and beliefs and opening up in spite of ones own judgement. Going against the grain, breaking out of the comfort zone and talking is one certain way to combat shame.

Often when people open up, they realise it is not as scary as they once believed it to be.






Clients will be getting creative this morning by collecting and creating items for their toolboxes. A toolbox is something that all clients have here at Somewhere House and is something that holds a umber of tools personal to the client that reflects their journey of recovery. Clients add to these throughout their time in treatment.

Relapse prevention is a key part of recovery here at Somewhere House. It’s key because when a client goes on a home leave midway through their treatment, a short term high impact relapse prevention is a great visible tool to allow the client to process if they are struggling, what to do and how to do it. It’s also a great way of opening a clients eyes to possible trips and hazards that might come along.

Long term relapse prevention is also another way of mapping progress in recovery whilst having a benchmark to refer to. A care plan is a great way to do this.

Person centred treatment at Somewhere House Addiction Treatment Centre gives autonomy to clients to complete this for themselves with the support of the staff team.

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Today at Somewhere House clients are having a singing group. Clients will work in smaller groups, choose a song and sing this. This allows clients to work on relationship building, taking themselves away from their trauma, singing also allows for natural endorphins to be released, these are just some of the therapeutic benefits that the client will experience.

We are experiencing some lovely sunny weather today and the clients have utilised this with their morning exercise. Making the most of recovery and utilising the beautiful resources we have on the beach!


Today at somewhere house we welcome new people wanting to start on their road to recovery a positive start to a hard working day.

One of the most important considerations for a recovering addict, is to ask and check oneself whether they are sitting in clean and sober or fully in recovery.

Clean and sober is a term used to describe someone who is not drinking or taking any substances but whose behaviours that are associated with addiction are still prevalent and ultimately if not challenged and changed, will result in a slide back into relapse.

Being in recovery is so much more than just being clean and sober, it’s about giving back, being honest and living life with humility and asking for help when needed. A strong recovery opens limitless possibilities to achieve and enjoy the things in life that someone in addiction, quite simply, misses out on.

Todays group focused on the difference between being clean and sober and in recovery and the process of traversing from one to the other. This is a popular group and clients find it really helpful.

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Did you know there’s often lots of misconceptions about people who go to rehab and in fact about the rehabs themselves?

“Men in white coats”, “like prison,” “non stop cleaning,” “confrontational therapy.”

For those lucky enough to have been a client at Somewhere House, they will confirm that none of these statements apply!

In fact, what awaits is a warm, safe and homely environment. An environment that is conducive to and supportive of change.

No, you can’t have your mobile phone, yes you’ll have to share a room (this is actually a lot fun and creates camaraderie and friendship, have you ever considered that?), no, in the early stages of treatment you can’t go out on your own and if you’re a smoker, there’s boundaries around that too.

But there’s oodles of learning, growth and laughter that takes place along the journey. Rehabilitation is looking at the reasons why a person uses substances or drinks and boundaries in rehabilitation are a key way to maintain structure and sobriety long term. Managing emotions and living a balanced life is also something that is learnt whilst in a setting such as Somewhere House.

Yeah it’s tough here, but the rewards are massive.

Perhaps ask yourself the question; Have I had enough and do I want to change?

If you answer yes to both of those questions, we’d love to hear from you

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The team x